The Concentration Curl: How To Do, Benefits, Muscles Worked & More

A lot of individuals who engage in fitness routines set their sights on having beefier, more formidable biceps. This isn’t surprising since toned biceps not only enhance one’s appearance but also offer support for various exercises and physical activities.

Although, getting significant results requires a fair amount of work and commitment. Building stronger biceps isn’t accomplished overnight, it is an ongoing process that requires patience.

If you’re looking to make some progress, one exercise that can make a difference is the Concentration Curl.

The Concentration Curl: What is it?

The bicep-targeted concentration curl is an effective single-joint exercise that usually involves a dumbbell and necessitates sitting on either a bench or chair where one must lean forward and hoist the weight towards the shoulder, all while keeping their upper arm stationary.

Practicing this exercise permits the biceps to fully contract which contributes to advanced muscle growth, enabling better definition.

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Concentration Curl Muscles Woked

Image Demostration for Muscles Worked During Concentretion Curls

The muscle that is primarily activated during the concentration curl exercise is the biceps brachii, a two-headed muscle situated at the anterior of the upper arm.

Moreover, performing concentration curls also work secondary muscles such as brachialis and brachioradialis as well as forearms to some degree.

How To Properly Do Dumbbell Concentration Curls?

To achieve favorable outcomes, executing the concentration curl with a proper form is important.

Follow these precise steps to effectively perform this exercise:

  1. Assume a seated position on either a chair or bench, placing your feet flat on the ground while gripping one dumbbell.
  2. Bend forward and rest your elbow just above your knee on the inside of your thigh so that it remains stationary.
  3. Inhale as you lower your arm and exhale as you lift it towards your shoulder without moving the upper part of the arm
  4. Complete this exercise for the aimed number of reps before transitioning arms and repeat the same process.

Exercise Tip:

Once you have reached the top of the curl, pause for a brief second before lowering the weight back down to its starting position.

Concentration Curls Benefits

The concentration curl is a crucial exercise for those seeking to enhance bicep mass and definition due to its multiple benefits such as:

Isolation of the biceps: accomplished by maintaining stability in the upper arm and thus ensuring maximum contraction for optimal muscle growth.

Better range of motion: The position of the exercise and the immobility of your upper arm while doing a concentration curl enable you to stretch further than usual, giving you an improved range of motion. Consequently, this greater reach can potentially foster more advanced muscle growth and development compared to other workouts for your biceps.

Easy to perform: Performing the concentration curl is an easy feat because all you require is a single dumbbell along with a bench or chair, enabling its effortless incorporation into your exercise routine.

More versatility: Although typically executed with a dumbbell and incline bench or chair, there are numerous options for you to experiment with, by incorporating alternative equipment such as resistance bands or cable machines, an array of resistance levels can be achieved while also spicing up your workout regimen.

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Best 4 Variations of the Bicep Concentration Curl

There are a few ways in which you can alter your usual bicep concentration curl exercise routine to introduce different challenges and advantages. and there are multiple variations available for you to experiment with. To help you get started on diversifying your workout, we suggest trying out these Ones:

1. Seated Concentration Curl with Resistance Band:

An alternative method of performing the concentration curl is by employing a resistance band, which alters the level of resistance and offers greater tension on the biceps throughout the motion. You can execute it by following these instructions:

How to do:

  1. Assume a seated position on either a bench or chair, ensuring that your feet are placed in a flattened position on the ground.
  2. Wrap the resistance band beneath your feet while gripping onto its opposite end using your working arm.
  3. Execute the concentration curl motion similar to how you would with a dumbbell by emphasizing the deliberate stability of your elbow and contracting the bicep muscle

2. Concentration Curl with Cable Machine:

The utilization of a cable machine furthermore enables the user to sustain consistent tension on their bicep in addition to granting them an expanded range of motion during the curl.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Begin by encountering the cable machine with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Ensure that you adjust the weight settings within the machine accordingly and clasp onto its handle using your working arm.
  3. Proceed to execute a concentration curl identical to that performed while utilizing dumbbells.

3. Incline Concentration Curl:

To switch up the difficulty of a bicep curl, utilizing an angled bench is crucial as it can alter the angle at which you are lifting and present new resistance to your arm muscles.

How to perform:

  1. To execute a concentration curl on an incline bench, make sure it is adjusted to a 45-degree angle first.
  2. Then, take a seat on the bench while keeping your feet flat against the ground.
  3. Get hold of a dumbbell with your working arm and start curling in the same manner as you would during regular concentration curls.
  4. The key here is stability, so make sure that your elbow doesn’t move throughout the movement and that you contract your bicep at its peak position.

4. Bent Over Concentration Bicep Curl

Concentration Curl Vs Preacher Curl:

When it comes to building bicep muscles, two popular exercises come to mind: the concentration curl and the preacher curl.

The concentration curl focuses on isolating the biceps by holding one arm steady with the other hand and performing a curl—an excellent exercise for targeting a single muscle group.

The preacher curl on the other hand involves sitting at an angled bench and placing your arms over the pad as you lift—helping stabilize your upper arm while isolating the bicep muscle.

One advantage of the concentration curl is the capability to grant more freedom in movement and a heightened concentration on the bicep muscle. As a result, this can increase muscle activation and generate superior outcomes regarding strength gain and size development.

Whereas the preacher curl presents a noteworthy benefit in that it affords the possibility of lifting more weight, thus culminating in improved gains in size and strength.

Not only that, but the preacher bench also plays a crucial role by proffering stability and support. This leads to reducing the risk of injury and allowing for better form.

People also Ask Questions Like:

Are concentration curls worth it?

Some individuals argue that concentration curls are a fantastic isolation exercise for the bicep muscles since they provide constant tension throughout each repetition. If executed correctly, concentration curls is woth it as it can  help you strengthen and build up the biceps effectively.

Are concentration curls better than bicep curls?

The implementation of concentration curls in your workout will facilitate an extended range of motion, centering on the bicep muscle specifically. This increased focus leads to more significant muscle activation and better outcomes.

Comparatively, bicep curls are a compound exercise that places emphasis not only on the biceps, but also involves forearms, shoulders, and back muscles leading to better execution and stability.

So, both exercises can improve overall muscle development and functional strength benefits. Progression rates regarding added weight or volume with this exercise is smoother which makes gains easier to achieve over time in terms of strength and size.

Do concentration curls build mass?

Yes, performing concentration curls regularly and with correct form can stimulate muscle growth in the biceps. This type of exercise focuses on this arm muscle area, boosting its activation, which leads to a rise in size over an extended period.

Nonetheless, for optimal development of your musculature and avoidance of performance leveling, it is crucial to include multiple types of exercises and methods within your workout regimen.


The primary purpose of performing the concentration curl exercise is to induce various benefits through the use of a free-weight resistance implement like an EZ curl bar or dumbbell.

This pull-type exercise is specifically designed for isolation capacity and can be performed effectively by utilizing proper techniques and form.

So, if you’re looking forward to reaping its advantages, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your workout routine.

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