Cable Concentration Curls – FULL Beginners Guide

The Cable Concentration Curls workout is a great way to isolate and form the biceps. Additionally, it exercises the forearm muscles.

Cable Concentration Curls are most effective when performed at the end of a biceps training cycle.

By using lighter weights and concentrating on proper form and technique, you can improve your results.

There are several different bicep workouts so it might be difficult to determine what is the most efficient. And, while no exercise is better compared to the others, cable concentration curls are a good and proven exercise to build and grow your arms.

What Is A Cable Concentrated Bicep Curl

Cable concentration curls are a different way to work and target your biceps. this exercise es quite similar to dumbbell concentration curls.

So, This exercise was done with a cable machine rather than dumbbells.

Lie down on a bench with the back of your upper arm against your inner thigh and hold the cable.

Keep your biceps contracted as you drag the cable slowly at the top, then slowly lower it back down to the starting position.

In 2014, Researchers from the American Council on Exercise compared the cable curl to the barbell curl, concentration curl, chin up, and EZ-bar curl discovered that cable biceps concentration curls stimulated up to 80% of the biceps brachii and leads to maximum muscle contraction.

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How To Do Cable Concentration Curls: Step By Step

If you love watching videos, here you are:

Step 1

To begin, get a flat bench and set it next to a low pulley cable machine.

After that, try to put the backrest in a completely flat position before you start the exercise.

Lower your upper body closer to your legs. Your upper body should be inclined at the hips at a 45-degree angle.

Step 2

Connect the straight bar to the low pulley cable and choose a proper weight that makes do 8 to 12 repetitions before you stop.

Place your feet approximately shoulder-width apart on the end of the bench.

Step 3

Take the bar with an underhand grip ( Your palms facing up)

Your elbows should be lying on the inner half of your knees. Maintain this position by pressing out with your elbows and then with your knees. This should keep them in place during the entire set.

Step 4

Remove the slack from the cable so that the load is applied to the biceps. This would be the initial position.

Curl the bar slowly up towards your shoulders by contracting your biceps, then squeeze it for a second

Step 5

Slowly return to the starting position (to the point where your elbows are completely bent out). Repeat until you reach the desired number of reps.

Muscles Worked By Cable Concentration Curls

Cable Concentration Curls muscles worked
Primary musclesBiceps brachii
Secondary muscles Brachialis muscle, Forearms, and shoulders

The cable concentration curl primarily targets the biceps brachii, the two-headed muscle on the front of your arm that combines into a single muscular mass.

Additionally, this exercise works the brachialis muscle, which is partially submerged in your biceps, as well as the forearms and shoulders.

Your core will be engaged as well, for stabilizing your upper body during this biceps exercise.

Best Cable Concentration Curls Variations

1- Standing Concentration Curls

Standing Cable Concentration Curls

Standing concentration Curl exercise is a good way to target and isolate only the biceps brachii.

It also boosts the strength of your forearms, and because it’s done in a standing position, it works the core to keep your lower back stable and strong.

By using lightweights and concentrating on proper form and technique, you can improve your gains and performance.

Adjust the cable machine’s pulley handle to the lowest position.
Take a few steps to the side using the handle to produce compression on the cable.

How to perform:

  • Stand up in front of the pulley machine.
  • Adjust the cable machine’s pulley handle to align your shoulders position.
  • Take a few steps backward to produce compression on the cable.
  • Maintain a straight back and slightly bend your knees.
  • Inhale deeply, exhale fully, and then flex the elbow.
  • Curl the handle toward your shoulder by contracting the biceps.
  • Squeeze your biceps for a while
  • On the way back to the starting position, try to resist the loaded weight.
  • Once you finish the desired number of reps, switch arms and repeat the workout.

Biceps Cable Curls

Biceps Cable Curls

The biceps cable curl is a biceps isolation workout that targets the upper arm’s biceps muscles. The dragging movement is carried out with the aid of a cable machine and is therefore appropriate for newbies.

This exercise can be performed as part of a mass and strength program for the arms and shoulders.

How to perform:

  • Attach the cable machine to a curl handle. Stand as near as possible to the machine while facing it.
  • While exhaling, curl the cable weight up, towards the chest.
  • For one second, hold at the peak of the flexion and squeeze your biceps.
  • As you inhale, return the forearms to the starting position.
  • Stop before the loads return to the stack, to maintain stress and tension on your biceps.

Cable Concentration Curls Benefits

Gain Biceps Strength and Size

Cable concentration curls are one of the best isolation exercises, which means they cannot be performed with speed.

A strict lifting technique ensures effective muscle fiber activation and results in a muscle-ripping pump. which makes your biceps bigger over time (muscle growth).

Just make sure that you eat more protein and carbs while maintaining 8 hours of sleep every night.

Improves Your Biceps Peak

Concentration curls are without a doubt the best workout for developing a bicep peak. The lift is directed at the bicep’s long and short head.

Build Mind-Muscle Connection

Concentration curl is a way to go if you’re having problems with the mind-muscle connection!

Many weightlifters make the mistake of skipping the cable concentration curl exercise.

To get the most out of the lift, keep the reps gradual and controlled and contract your biceps at the peak of the movement in each repetition.

Increase Pulling Strength

If you can curl a large amount of weight with excellent technique, your biceps are probably quite strong, which is helpful for all other pulling exercises such as:

  • Chin-ups
  • Barbell curls
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Reverse curls and more…

Cable Concentration Curls Common Mistakes

1- Using momentum

By relying on momentum to get to the workout, you will restrict your muscle growth.

If you notice yourself doing this, which is one of the most typical cable concentration curl problems, then you should reduce the weight you’re using to maximize your performance with this exercise.

2- Not Fixing your Elbows

As a beginner to weight training, you might want to let your elbows flare out during this exercise.

It’s best to keep your elbows in the same place all the time, and also always keep your back straight.

3- Rushing During The Exercise

Rushing may also inhibit your biceps growth, since betting your arms too rapidly during the second part of the movement will eliminate several of the benefits of concentration curls, such as enhanced strength and endurance.

FAQs: People Also ask

Are cable concentration curls effective?

Absolutely, as long as you perform cable concentration curls for high reps with light weights to ensure that your biceps get sufficient time under tension to grow.

This is one of the most effective workouts for toning the form of your biceps brachii because they activate and engage both the long and short heads of your biceps at the same time.

How to maximize cable biceps curls?

  • Increase your weights
  • Perform the exercise in a seated position
  • Use the cable preacher curl variation
  • Reduce the speed of your curling
  • Execute a full range of motion

The Verdict On Cable Concentration Curl

This is one of the best biceps exercises for the peak and also keeps your biceps under tension. You can do this pull exercise to strengthen the long and short head of your biceps and the brachialis muscle in your upper arm.

Make sure that you perform this exercise with a proper form to avoid such injury and gain more muscles.


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