Standing Preacher Curls: Best For Isolation

f you’re a gym trainer who wants to build big, strong biceps, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the PREACHER CURL.In any case, the standing preacher curl is one of the most well-known biceps-builder exercises, and it may give you guns befitting of, well, Navarone if you’re into that kind of thing.Of course, we’re not suggesting that this exercise should take the place of the regular bicep curl, nor are we suggesting that you skip your regular exercise program in preference of the standing preacher curl alone.Rather, it’s something you should do in addition to your regular arm workout, with the goal of adding a lot of variety to your upper body splitting days.Related: Standing EZ Bar Curl To GROW Your Biceps Faster

Exercise details

      • Exercise type: Strength
      • Body type:  Arms
      • Level:  Intermediate
      • Main targets:  Biceps
      • Secondary targets: Brachialis, forearm flexors, and brachioradialis
      • Compound/Isolated: Isolated
      • Force type: Pull
      • Required equipment: Barbelland preacher curl bench

    What Is The Standing Preacher Curl?

    Standing Preacher curls are an isolated workout for the biceps. Doing these exercises with your upper arms locked to an inclined bench is quite rigid, and it is almost difficult to fake the weight up.The long head of the biceps is not as active during preacher curls as it is during other biceps workouts since the arms are held at an angle of 30-45 degrees in front of the torso.This increases the stress on the short head, which is responsible for the thickness of your biceps. As its name indicates, it is the standing variation of the fundamental seated preacher curl.Instead, you may stand on the other side of the bench to do a technique equivalent to a spider curl.

    How To Perform Standing Preacher Curl

    Body positioning should allow the underarm to rest at the top of the pad. During movement, the base of the upper arm should stay on the pad. Then, you can follow these steps:
    1. Close to the preacher’s curl bench, take a staggered posture.
    2. Set your upper arms on the preacher bench pad and grip the barbell or EZ bar.
    3. Bring the EZ bar up to your shoulders and do a full range of motion at the peak of your curl.
    4. For one to three seconds, maintain this posture, and then slowly return to starting position with the bar at full arm’s length.
    5. Sets and reps can be repeated as many times as needed.
    As the preacher standing curl is performed on a bench, it is not easy to use a spotter. You might still be making mistakes, However, If you want your fitness routine to be safe and successful, you need to use the correct form.But, your specific goals will determine how you should adjust each workout to get the best possible outcomes.

    Standing Preacher Curl Muscles Worked

    Preacher curls are a standing arm exercise that targets the bicep, brachialis, and forearm by flexing the elbow and supinating the wrist.Standing barbell preacher curls are simpler to set up than the traditional preacher curl, but they are somewhat less efficient at isolating the biceps since they demand more stability from the core.You also use a number of additional muscles that also serve as stabilizers, such as your flexors of the wrist, lateral obliques, and abdominal musclesThe secondary supporting muscles engaged by a standing preacher curl include the abdominals, lower back, and legs.


    Are preacher curls and standing curls the same?

    Each of these exercises uses a bar and a curling technique, but they are performed in quite different ways.Preacher curls are done sitting on a preacher curl bench, with the upper arms lying on the bench, in contrast to barbell curls, which are done standing with a barbell.

    Can you do preacher curls in a standing position?

    Yes, preacher curls can be done either standing or sitting, with the former often requiring a barbell and a standard bench and the latter a fixed barbell,  you can use dumbbells as well.In any case, the standing variation is an excellent complement to your bicep program with dumbbells.

    Is it better to do curls sitting or standing?

    Even standing bicep curls work more core muscles, this isn’t often the ideal goal of biceps training.Thus, sitting bicep curls are preferable for developing and isolating the biceps. Furthermore, the bicep muscle is less likely to be activated while doing standing bicep curls because of the increased probability of swaying.


    To get the most out of your curls, you should perform them seated. But, standing preacher curls are a very practical alternative that can provide numerous benefits.The standing version saves you time in the gym and reduces unnecessary tension by eliminating the need to locate and recall the ideal seat position.Similarly, while doing this workout, standing up allows your arms to extend deeper down the pad, making it simpler to take up and release the bar.Because of this, you may spend less time prepping for your exercise and more time actually working out.Let me know in the comment section if you are already doing the standing preacher curl or not.Good luck!
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