Smith Machine Biceps Drag Curls 7 Step By Step Guide

You are tired from exercising your biceps but with no results or improvement, right?

With a smith machine bar drag curl, you can target and compress all bicep muscles with just 8 to 12 reps!

The biceps appear to be a popular muscle group to train, particularly with ambitious bodybuilders looking to develop an attractive physique.

In this guide, we will discuss how to do smith machine biceps drag curls properly.

To be honest, your biceps are a modest muscular group that occupies less than half of your upper arm.

There is no need to excuse spending your hard-earned money on expensive gym equipment and accessories like various types of bars which might accomplish the same function as your existing equipment.

What Is Smith Machine Biceps Drag Curls

Smith machine drag curls are a biceps-focused workout, it is a very effective lifting weight exercise for targeting the bicep muscle using a Smith machine bar. It is typically performed at a medium to a high rep range, at a minimum of 8-12 reps each set, and may be incorporated into any workout’s bicep muscle part.

As a result, you can devote all of your concentration to hammering your biceps and maximizing the effectiveness of each and every exercise, that what called mind muscle connection, it will help you gain more muscle and strength easily!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do the smith machine bicep exercises curl correctly in the best way to build muscle and strength, and also endurance. We’ll also talk about the benefits and activated muscles during this bicep bar training.

So, let’s dive in!

How to do Smith Machine Drag Curls correctly

To maximize the benefit of any workout, the manner in which it is performed is critical. And, in most cases, there is only one correct way which simplifies everything!

So, if you want bigger and more beautiful forearms and biceps, and to improve your arm’s size in general, follow these steps correctly!

Step 1

Prepare for the smith machine bicep curl by adding the desired weight to the smith machine’s bar.

Step 2

Eliminate any installed stops, and position the bar to approximately waist level or above your knee height.

Step 3

Stand in front of the bar, grip it with your palms facing up and your hands wrapped around your shoulders and apart (slightly larger than your shoulder width)

Step 4

Disconnect the bar from the support. Then, lift the bar up to your shoulders, you’re going to keep your elbows locked behind and allow it to move back and you’re just going to drag the curl up or drag the bar up almost like it is on a straight path

Remember: you have to keep your torso straight and your keens slightly bent, and continue to raise the bar till your biceps are fully contracted.

Step 5

Take a little pause at the top before gradually lowering the smith bar back to its starting position.

Repeat until the desired number of repetitions (reps) is reached. then do this smith drag curls exercise for 3 to 4 sets.

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Smith Machine Drag Curls muscles worked

Primary musclesBiceps
Secondary musclesForearms (Brachioradialis), Brachialis
Smith Machine Drag Curls muscles worked


The barbell curl is primarily used to strengthen the biceps brachii. The bicep muscle is divided into two “heads,” one long and one short.

Brachialis and brachioradialis:

The smith drag curl works also your brachialis forearms muscle secondary to your biceps brachii, This muscle is a powerful elbow flexor that supports the biceps in elbow flexion. Additionally, it engages your brachioradialis.

Core and back muscles:

Additionally, like most lifting weight exercises, the barbell drag curl exercises your core and back muscles with just light weights, which contract to stabilize your posture during the curling exercise.

Top 5 Smith Machine Drag Curls Benefits

  • Increased shoulder stability: the biceps connects the shoulder joint to the humerus, and this pressure on both sides of the shoulder joint helps in improving shoulder stability.
  • Decreased injury risk: Some people experience shoulder soreness or instability when performing standard bicep curls. This occurs as a result of the front deltoids contracting in order to maintain stability during the normal curling exercise.
  • Support you with lifting more weights: Smith machine biceps drag curls will strengthen your biceps and forearms and enhance your grip strength more than pull-ups or regular biceps curl do.
  • Increased muscle mass: The smith drag curl is a biceps workout with a high rep range (more than 8 reps), that leads to targeting your biceps properly at the top of each exercise, which helps to build the biceps muscle size.
  • Improved mind-muscle connection: Any gym workout that concentrates the highest contraction helps you create a stronger connection between your mind and muscles, this is because your muscles are becoming adapted to being activated.

Best 2 Training Accessories For Smith Machine Curls

1. Trideer Weightlifting Gloves

Whether you are doing weightlifting, CrossFit, or bodybuilding, these are the gloves that can handle it all, making them our top overall decision. They are made of high-quality lightweight microfiber and are quite durable, so you can count on them to perform effectively for an extended period of time.

TRIDEER Lifting Gloves

These gloves are adjustable and include two Velcro straps that give wrist support. The silica gel palm provides excellent grip, and the 18″ wrist wraps ensure optimum support and protection, allowing you to lift heavy weights comfortably, efficiently, and safely.

2. Harbinger Cotton Lifting Straps

Harbinger is one of my best manufacturers of support gear, including weightlifting belts, tricep ropes, and lifting hooks. Their padded straps continue the trend of high-quality accessories.

Harbinger Cotton Lifting Straps 2

Additionally, we admired the merrowed end tabs, which reduce fraying, and the broad variety of colors and unique designs, which correspond to the aesthetics of practically any customer.

They’re robust, comfy, and function admirably, making them an excellent all around lifting strap for weightlifting. You also cannot beat them on price, they are extremely budget-friendly which is less than $20.

Smith Machine Drag Curls FAQs

Smith machine biceps drag curls alternative

If you enjoyed the smith machine arm workout, try the following other bicep workouts to strengthen your biceps and your forearms and avoid boredom.

Here are some smith machine drag curl alternatives to consider:

  • Standard barbell drag curl: Follow the same steps for the smith machine drag curl, but with a normal free barbell.
  • Dumbbell Drag Curl: Similar to barbell drag curl, but with dumbbells instead
  • Spider curl: The only equipment required is an incline bench and a barbell. also, you can use a preacher curl instead.
  • Seated dumbbell drag curls
  • Wall Biceps Curl: Face the wall with your head, triceps, and lower back, dumbbells or barbells can be used to complete this exercise.

Can you build muscle using the smith machine?

The quick answer is yes because you can build muscle with any type of resistance exercise like barbell curls.

Bodybuilders have built muscle by doing the most machine-based exercises, such as employing minimal motions, yet still managed to get huge. So, if that’s your sole purpose, anything will suffice.

Are drag curls better than bicep curls?

You can do both of them, but the drag seems to hit your biceps harder because there is more tension and more muscle fibers being used. This will make them stronger and thicker.

Final Thoughts:

Oftentimes, the small stuff in life is the gateways to greater benefits. The biceps drag curl is an amazing example. Although the range of motion is limited and the weight required is very light, the main outcome is increased muscle growth quickly in both forearms and biceps long and short head, which is great!

If you have any questions or suggestion queries to write about, feel free to leave a comment below.

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