Dumbbell Supinated Curl: Ultimate Technique & Variations

Anybody who wants to strengthen their biceps to their full potential should include supinated dumbbell curls in their training routine.

This is due to the fact that, unlike when doing regular dumbbell bicep curls, while performing supinating curls, you are required to actively twist your wrist, which results in a considerably greater muscular contraction.

In this article, you will learn how to execute supinated curls, and then you will be provided with several alternative exercises.

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Exercise Details


  • Also known as: Behind the body cable curl
  • Exercise type: Strength Type, Hypertrophy
  • Body type:  Arms
  • Level: Beginner
  • Main targets:  Biceps brachii – long head and short heads-
  • Secondary targets:  Brachialis, and brachioradialis.
  • Compound/Isolated: Isolated.
  • Force type: Pull.
  • Required equipment: Pair of Dumbbells.

What Is A Dumbbell Supinated Curl


The supinated dumbbell curl, or underhand bicep curl, is the foundation of any program designed to increase bicep size and strength. 
This move is easy to learn, adjustable, and effective in building bigger, stronger biceps
The supinated curl is a great way to build muscle and add definition to your upper arms.


How To Do Supinated Dumbbell Curls



1- Hold the dumbbells in front of you with your hands facing each other.

2- Stand tall with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.


3- With a straight back, curl the dumbbells up by contracting your biceps.

4- Hold a tight grip on the tops of your biceps for a time

5- Return the dumbbells to the beginning position by lowering them slowly.

6- Do the previous technique until you have completed the required number of repetitions.

Start with a lighter weight and 3–4 sets of 10-15 repetitions if you’re new to the supinated dumbbell curl. Pick up some heavier weights and do the exercise for 3–4 sets in the 6–8 rep range if you’re confident in your technique.  

What Muscles Does Supinated Grip Curls Work


Main Muscles:

The biceps brachii is the primary muscle group targeted by the supinated dumbbell curl.

There are 2 different sections, or “heads,” that make up the bicep muscle. While lifting or pulling, the two heads function as a single unit.  

Secondary Muscles:

The brachialis, a portion of the biceps, gets a workout during the supinated dumbbell curl. As a bonus, it works the brachioradialis, the largest muscle in the forearm.

Your abs and back get a workout also since you have to contract them to keep your body steady. The underhand dumbbell curl also engages the tiny muscles of the forearm.  

Dumbbell Supinated Curl Variations


1. Supinated Grip Cable Curl


Supinated Grip Cable Curl Image

A cable curl is basically the same as a standing dumbbell curl, except that it is done on a cable machine rather than with dumbbells.

The biceps cable curl is a very efficient exercise. This is why, the next time that you have arms day, put down the free weights and try to become familiar with the cable machine as well as the cable biceps curl.

Attach a straight bar connection to a cable machine and adjust the pulley so that it is in the lowest position possible.

Take a firm grip on the bar by extending your arms and keeping your hands shoulder-width apart while turning your palms up.

Curling the bar up as near to your shoulders as possible can while keeping your elbows bent and your upper arms locked in place is a good exercise.


2. Supinated Grip EZ Bar Curl


3. Supinated Grip Barbell Curl


Supinated Grip Barbell Curl Image

  Curling a barbell is a fundamental exercise that targets the biceps and helps to improve the size of the muscles. Steps:

1- Begin by standing up straight with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Maintain a tiny bend in your knees and pull in your abs as tightly as you can.

2- Hold a barbell using an underhand grip with palms facing up and shoulder width apart. Lower your arms all the way to your hips and bend your elbows slightly; this will be your beginning posture.

3- By contracting your muscles and focusing on your biceps, elevate the bar in a controlled manner towards the upper chest area.

4- After you have completed the count, return to the starting position and hold this position for another count.  

4. Dumbbell Zottman Curl


Common Supinated Dumbbell Curl Mistakes


While doing any kind of bicep curl exercise does not require an excessive amount of effort, this does not mean people do not make errors when doing the exercise.

In order for you to get the most out of the exercise, we have included a list of some major mistakes that you will want to avoid making:

  • Limited range of motion

It has been suggested that you may relieve some of the tension caused by the exercise by bringing your arm all the way down to your side or by curling it all the way up to your chest. This is not the case; the simple fact is that you will not be able to maximize your muscle growth if you do not use the entire range of motion.

  • Wrong Position

Do not give in to the temptation of beginning with your hands facing inwards. After you have a dumbbell in each hand, make sure that your hands are initially supinated, with your palms pointing away from you.

After you have a dumbbell in each hand, make sure that your hands are initially supinated, with your palms pointing away from you.  This will provide you with the ideal form and enable you to activate your biceps to their greatest potential.

  • Attempting to go too heavy

If you discover that you have to throw the dumbbells instead of doing the exercise with a gradual and controlled movement, then it is possible that you are attempting to lift more weight than you should be able to handle at one time.

Reduce the weight you’re lifting so you can keep your form intact while doing so.

To recap:

  Including bicep curls with dumbbells in your upper body exercise for a more focused approach to adding bulk to the arms, you’ll definitely want to give serious consideration to doing so.

Include dumbbell bicep curls into your upper body exercise for a more focused approach to adding bulk to the arms. This is something you’ll definitely want to think about doing.

Working out your arm muscles will not only lead to an enhanced body appearance but will also result in increasing muscle definition, which will help you burn more calories and carry over into other sports such as swimming and cycling.  


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