How To Do a Cable Leg Extension: For BEGINNERS

If you’re a gym newbie, the cable machine is a great tool for learning the squat and hip hinge, two of the most basic exercises in the gym. When performed together, these exercises provide a solid basis for boosting stamina, strength, and muscular growth.The cable leg extension is a great way to strengthen your lower body. If you go all out, this workout for your legs will really feel the burn in your quadriceps. It’s also a great warm-up for your quads before any other hard lifting.This workout calls for the use of a bench, so if your gym is crowded or lacking in machines, you may want to look elsewhere.Related: How To Do A Cable Front Squat?

Exercise Details

  • Also known as:  Standing upright cable front squat
  • Exercise type: Strength
  • Body type:  Arms
  • Level:  Intermediate
  • Main targets: Quadriceps muscles
  • Secondary targets:Iliopsoas , Tensor Fasciae Latae , Sartorius
  • Compound/Isolated: Isolated
  • Force type: Push
  • Required equipment:Single pulley cable machine

How To Do A Cable Leg Extension: Correct Technique


1- adjust the cable machine’s pulley to sit just above your shins, then attach an ankle strap on the hook.

2- Get a flat bench and put it next to the cable machine. Ideally, the seat would be conveniently near enough so that you could put your feet into the ankle strap without any trouble.

3- Furthermore, the seat/bench can be set up either horizontally or vertically, whichever is most convenient for you.

You’re good to go after you’ve set up your bench and buckled your ankle strap.

4- Extend your leg behind you like you’re using a leg extension machine while keeping your knee bent.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t lock your knees completely if you want to maintain proper form.Pro Tip: Tighten the quadriceps as much as possible by leaning back as you fully extend the knee. Keep your knees from locking when in the top position.

Cable Leg Extension Advantages 

 When you use cables to strengthen your legs, you’re able to engage those muscles across their optimal biomechanical range of motion.The resistance can be applied at a number of different angles, which is great for putting more of a focus on the muscle you want to strengthen.Using cables, you may make motions similar to squats without placing undue stress on your lower back. 



Are cable machines good for legs?

 Indeed, if you want to strengthen your legs, the cable machine is the way to go. They provide more effective lower body muscular engagement than barbells and dumbbells by allowing you to strike the legs from a number of non-traditional angles.

What muscles do cable leg extensions work?

 Leg extensions are a great way to strengthen your quadriceps since they only use one joint. 

The Verdict:  Can you do leg extensions using cables?

 The answer is yes, you can use cables to do leg extensions. A straight bench in front of the cable and some ankle restraints at its end is what’s needed to accomplish this. It will allow you to exercise one leg at a time.  
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