Kneeling Tricep Extension [How To Do, Muscles Worked, Alternative]

SkullIn this in-depth exercise tutorial, we will show you in 8 steps how to do a kneeling tricep extension in the correct technique, muscles worked, 5 different variations to consider, and how to perform each one, and finally we’ll answer some common questions.

So, let’s dive in!

Exercise Details

  • Exercise type: Strength 
  • Body type:  Arms, Triceps
  • Level: Beginner
  • Main targets:  Triceps brachii
  • Secondary targets: Shoulder and core
  • Compound/Isolated: Isolation
  • Force Type: Push
  • Equipment Needed: can be done using a cable machine or dumbbells

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What Is Kneeling Tricep Extension?

the kneeling tricep extension is A strength training exercise that targets the tricep muscles at the rear of the upper arm.

It requires kneeling on the ground or a mat while gripping a weight or resistance band in each hand, stretching the arms upwards, and maintaining the elbows close to the head.

This exercise is good for increasing overall arm definition and upper body strength.

How To Properly Do The Kneeling Triceps Extension?


  1. Place a flat bench in front of a cable pulley machine and attach a straight bar to the high pulley.

  2. Select the load you want from the stack.

  3. Move away from the pulley and face the bench with an overhand hold at shoulder width.

  4. Lift the weight from the stack, kneel in front of the bench, grasp the bar behind your back, and firmly rest your upper arms on the seat (bench).
  5. Your elbows should be stretched over the bench’s edge, and your head should be down. This is your starting point.

  6. Begin by extending your arms, simply bending at the elbow joints until your arms are fully stretched.

  7. Pause for a count, then gradually return the bar to its initial position.

  8. Repeat for the appropriate number of repetitions.

Kneeling Tricep Extension Exercise Tips

  • Only your forearms should move while keeping your entire body as still as possible.

  • Concentrate on pushing the weight using your triceps ( this is called the mind-muscle connection)while slowly bringing the weight stack back to the beginning position.

What Muscles Does Kneeling Tricep Extension Work?

Kneeling Tricep Extension Muscles Worked


Top kneeling Triceps Extension Alternative & Variations


1. Kneeling Cable Tricep Extension

Kneeling Cable Tricep Extension Image

One of the best tricep isolation workouts is the kneeling cable triceps extension with a rope because it forces your triceps to execute most of the pushing effort since they limit your shoulders, legs, and hips from supporting the movement, which in turn stimulates them to get bigger and stronger.

You can also perform this exercise with a straight bar attached to a high pulley cable.

How To Do Kneeling Cable Tricep Extension?

  1. Place a weight bench in front of a cable machine, then attach the high pulley to a rope connection.

  2. With your back to the machine, grab the rope attachment with a strong grip.

  3. Put the backs of your arms on the bench while bending over at the waist while kneeling.

  4. Deliberately flex your triceps until your elbows are fully stretched, try to control the movement by adjusting the rope behind your head. 
  5. Release the contraction by moving the rope behind your head.

  6. Repeat

2. Kneeling Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

Kneeling Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension Imaeg

This exercise is very similar and can be done the same way as the overhead tricep extensions whether with a dumbbell or even a band.

How To Do Kneeling Dumbbell Triceps Extension?

  1. Begin by kneeling on the floor or a mat, feet flat on the ground, and back straight.

  2. Press the dumbbell up above your head.

  3. Once the backs of your arms are feeling an extreme stretch, Pause for a second after bringing the dumbbell behind your head

  4. Slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head by bending your elbows while your elbows are still.

  5. Repeat for the required reps

3. Cable Lying Triceps Extension

Person doing Lying Cable Triceps Extension Image

4. Kneeling Tricep Pushdown

Kneeling Tricep Pushdown Image

Although the kneeling tricep pushdown is certainly effective at preventing momentum, it also demands significantly more core strength than standing pushdowns.

As a result, it might be challenging to concentrate on developing your triceps since you need to keep up a strong isometric ab movement to keep your torso steady and upright.

How To Do Kneeling Tricep Pushdown Properly?

  1. In the weight stack, choose a suitable resistance, connect the cable bar to the high pulley

  2. Stand tall, your feet shoulder-width apart.

  3. Keep your chest up and engage your core, then exhale and bend your elbows fully simultaneously with contracting your triceps.
  4. Return smoothly back to the starting position.

  5. Repeat for a desired amount of repetitions

5. Kneeling Tricep Kickback

Kneeling Tricep Kickback Image

The entire back of your arm will be targeted throughout this workout. For this exercise, all you need is a mat and a lightweight dumbbell.

How To Do Kneeling Tricep Kickbacks Correctly?

  1. Kneel on the floor with your knees bent. Place your free hand on the ground for balance while holding a dumbbell with the other hand.

  2. extending and stretching your arm, begin the exercise by pushing the hand weight behind you. Keep it tucked very close by your side during the whole movement.

  3. Bring your arm back to your starting position after the triceps reached their maximum contraction.

  4. Then alter to the opposite arm following the same technique.

  5. Perform a minimum of 3 sets with 8 to 14 repetitions on each side.


Pro Tip: Hold your chest tight, and maintain a flat back and tight abs as you move for stability and balance.

People Also Ask


Are kneeling tricep extensions effective?

Yes, kneeling tricep extensions are an excellent alternative for bodyweight tricep extensions and are very effective for tricep isolation. It can be used to gradually increase upper body strength and muscle mass for people with low upper body strength, making it an excellent starter exercise.

What’s the best tricep extension exercise?

Some of the best tricep extension exercises include cable tricep pushdowns, dumbbell tricep kickbacks, and overhead tricep extensions.

Is a tricep extension a single joint exercise?

Yes, the tricep extension exercise is a single joint exercise because it mainly targets the triceps and involves movement at only one joint, which is the elbow joint.

Final thought

Now, you’ve discovered that kneeling tricep extension and its variation is not as complex as you thought.

After you follow our step-by-step instructions and tips, you will see significant gains and improved strength.

If you have any questions or article suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!


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